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 Posted: Thu Jan 8th, 2015 09:36 pm
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Hi Herb, darn windows 8 and the search engine again , I don't have the box with the 000000's in it just have a small box with numbers, which must be the front size and other box has the colour words in.
I can't seam to change the colours but managed to change to Bold and black not the navy I picked, did the Ctrl key with the A key, looks like I am limited . Yeah I tried that and only came up with the black colour, bugger, anymore ideas

My new track plan is coming along nicely, will have to convince my wife if I can move the car back a couple of feet, have cut back the station modules to 6ft and only 6 modules now, will have to redraw the track plan, looking good.

Tony :doh::bang:L:

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