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 Posted: Thu Jan 22nd, 2015 04:57 am
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Moving along slowly, have worked out a way where I can recycle the old module legs, joining them together with a half inch dowel.

Pic 3 is the ply section bridging the gap between the station modules and car port side module which is 10ft and module is 7ft.

Pic 4 is on how I get away with having bigger curves on the corner modules, cut them on an angle, joins up like a big jig saw, works well.

Pic five is the length of the station modules 18feet to the end of the tape from the bridge module, 3 6ft modules, all up there will be 6 modules, a set off 3 more behind them.

Where the two pieces o wood are on the tape that marks the length of the station platforms,15ft long, fits 16 coaches.

Pic 6 is another angle taken of the tape .

Being pretty hot the last few days, being doing a couple of hours after tea, today is the longest day 22nd of Jan my end of the world, got a meeting to go to tonight, no work on the layout see what happens tomorrow night, rain coming in too.

Tony. :glad::bg::2t:

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