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 Posted: Sun Feb 8th, 2015 11:13 pm
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Got a chance to get out and do some work on the layout yesterday, wasn't a nice day, was quite humid in the mid 30's,last afternoon wind blew in and made it more pleasant.

I wanted to setup 3 of the station modules to see how they went together with the entrance module and I set up the Indian Pacific, 16 coaches one car carrier and two NR class locos. The platform is 15 feet long and I am modelling East Perth Terminal WA where the IP pulls in from her journey from Sydney Central NSW.

The 3 modules and entrance module will be moved to the car port, will have shift the car down 4ft, front wheels are in the way.

When the modules are levelled at the other end of the modules will be about 12 inches high, much easier in taking pics.

I sure will need a wide angle lens for the camera to get up closer to the model.

There will be behind these modules another set of 3 to house Sydney Central Terminal 4 to platforms and the other three are through platforms, lots of work a head, be worth it in the end can't wait.

I am having trouble clicking on forum gallery, post reply and edit the pose adding the pics, any idea why I am having trouble tried five time to get into the galley.

Tony :doh:

Finely got onto the gallery, here I four pics

At last got the pics posted Tony on a roll;)

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