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 Posted: Tue Feb 10th, 2015 12:29 pm
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Tim H


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In another thread, someone has suggested that  "We get motivated from the "see how I did this" type rather than the "see what I did" posting.

Unfortunately, I don't agree as I am inspired by any work by a modeller in whatever manner it is presented and it is the subject matter that does it for me.

But as there seems to be a desire to present a blow by blow account of "how I did it" this is the sequence of events behind the mousehole that allows the track to emerge into the brewery yard rather than just run around the corner of the layout.

First problem, the scenic break is almost parallel to the track, so the length of the aperture is going to be oversize.

Though side clearances are still very tight

The tunnel mouth is positioned at right-angles to the track, though I think that the casting, as supplied, is a tad too tall and needs some drastic surgery to correct the problem

Finally, the inner wall will provide a base for the embankment that hides the mousehole.


Everyone happy about "how I did this"?


Tim H
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