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 Posted: Sat Feb 28th, 2015 01:53 am
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Lithium cells work fine for LED lighting. Many probably know this, but for those that don't, the closer your battery voltage is to the voltage drop across the LED you're using, the better.

Example: Using a 9V battery for say an LED headlight (3.2V voltage drop) requires a 330 ohm resistor, which consumes 0.116 watts. But using a 3.7V Li-ion/LiPo requires a 27 ohm resistor which uses only 0.01 watts. That's a ratio of 11.6:1, a big difference when trying to conserve milliamps.

A good LED resistance calculator can be found here:

And when trying to sort out battery power and balance wiring for all my BPRC components, I found an excellent interactive website that made it very easy to understand. Just plug in what you are planning to do and the results are immediately calculated for you. It's a great learning tool for how multiple batteries should be arranged to provide power and to get balance charged. Here's the link:

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