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 Posted: Sat Feb 28th, 2015 09:52 pm
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dan3192 wrote:
Two more tidbits from the experts:

1. Never use protected cells together to make a battery pack. This defeats the purpose of the battery's PCB. Protected cells are meant to be used individually.

2. NiMH cells can be arranged and wired like Li-ion/LiPo cells for multi-cell powering, charging and monitoring, if you don't want to remove them from your train.



I must ask where you got this information? What experts? Are these RC guys?

1. Completely untrue. I can't even imagine anyone would say that. Maybe for RC with high discharge rates. They can't use PCM's because most PCMs will trip at around 3 amps. For train guys, protected cells are much preferred to non protected cells in a 2 or 3 cell pack.
The huge advantage they have is preventing the cells from discharging to low. Most cut off at 3V per cell.

2. True, but there is the challenge of connecting the cells together in a pack. soldering on the top and bottom of the cells can damage the cells internally due to excessive heat. If a person can buy Ni-MH cells with solder tabs, then solder to the tabs, that is the preferred method of building packs.


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