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 Posted: Sat Feb 28th, 2015 10:08 pm
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dan3192 wrote:
Two more tidbits from the experts:

1. Never use protected cells together to make a battery pack. This defeats the purpose of the battery's PCB. Protected cells are meant to be used individually.

2. NiMH cells can be arranged and wired like Li-ion/LiPo cells for multi-cell powering, charging and monitoring, if you don't want to remove them from your train.



You keep giving us facts from the RC car/airplane/heli side of the hobby. Their use of batteries is pretty different from the train guy use of batteries.

They have high discharge rates and have to deal with many elements that don't concern train guys.

There is some info we can use. The link to the wiring of the packs is a good one. If you want to balance your cells, it will show you how to wire the packs.

They use series parallel battery configurations. I don't recommend this for train guys. It makes everything much more complicated. It is not really needed by train guys.

I look at some of their links. Some info is true, some is absolute BS, some is humorous. I had to laugh at the buy on one of their forums that decided to drive a nail through a lithium polymer cell, just to see what would happen. Don't do this. Only bad things will happen.

They may be experts in the RC side, but much of what we do is more on the commercial side than the RC side.

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