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 Posted: Mon Mar 2nd, 2015 02:44 pm
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Helmut wrote:
Here's something to support Pete's point.

Maybe you both are talking of  different 'cell protection'
IMHO Pete is talking about the built-in CID and PTC that every cell above a certain capacity sold retail must have, and Dan is talking about the external protection circuits that are found e. g. in every cellphone Li battery.

There are two types of protection circuits. Many cylindrical Lithium Ion cells such as 18650 size have internal protection on each cell. This can make the cell a little longer. Flashlight guys are famous for this.

Lithium Polymer packs and Lithium Ion packs have external protection either on each cell or one that protects the whole pack.

RC packs usually have no protection because the current draws are to high. they would trip the safety circuit. Safety circuit usually trips at 3 amps.

Dan was drawing his information from multiple battery applications. As I said, all applications are different.
We need to concentrate on model train applications and forget the rest of the applications.

Even in model trains, there are different requirements. G Scale draws more amps than On30 scale for instance.

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