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 Posted: Fri Apr 17th, 2015 12:34 am
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Most of my stock is home made..... cardboard, scrap wood from my r/c plane bin, tie wire, styrene etc. I buy my wheels mainly from Slaters as there is no local supplier (or more correctly the only one is in his 90's) so I chose to use BRMSB/GOG standards by default.
Gearboxes are from Roxey Moldings and bogies and axleguards are from a variety of suppliers both local and overseas. Some of my locos have modified HO mechs.

There are a few 7mm finescale NSWGR items for sale these days but my budget won't allow me to wander in that direction very often.  Prices reflect the small potential market.

The Hunter Valley had a sea of 4 wheel coal hoppers that lasted into the 1980's. As a kid I would be fascinated by the long rakes of these wagons being hauled behind ancient steam engines on yearly train trips to the city.

I am making a rake of 12 (to start) to run. Their shades of red and light grey should add a bit of colour as the government stock was basically 50 shades of (dark) grey. Here is a photo of part of the production line.

My usual method of compensation will not fit this type of wagon so I am making use of some sprues from Parkside Dundas which have axleboxes that slide up and down in the W irons.

Info on the real thing can be found here.


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