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 Posted: Tue May 12th, 2015 11:47 pm
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Hi Bob, I guess there is little in the way of kits now available in the US. I bought my last Walthers O scale catalogue in the 80's and I suspect most of those items are long gone. :>)
The market seems to be focused on the toy 3-rail buyer.

Like me, mail order might be the only option for you.

Thankfully there is Slaters in the UK.I can usually find a driver to do the job for most of our steamers and make my own kits.
NWSL and Intermountain can get you out of trouble when it comes to rolling stock and diesel wheels. Had I decided to do this layout in a post steam era theme I had seriously considered using 1/4" scale as I could have made use of Athearn bogies and did some cut and shut on some of the US diesels from Atlas.
Generally the guys modelling the 5'3" and 3'6" use 1/4"; only us standard gaugers mainly stick to 7mm.

Meanwhile it is back to some serious drilling, sawing and filing of aluminium for me.!


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