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 Posted: Sun May 17th, 2015 02:24 am
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The four final pics from yesterday's big effort pure awesome, continue on each module join.

Both tracks cut, room for improvement on the next module join.

The first wagon and coach on the layout.

Setting up the curved modules together went well, both of the tracks lined up perfectly and tested the coach through the track join with no derailing.

Next lot of pic I will post how I made the module joins up so well.

It has taken a long while to get this far, looking ford to running the first test loco and train, will only be on half of the layout, still have the main spiral to build and station module complex and the first bridge.

After finishing the car port end will move onto the bridge and then the station modules, only doing three of the station modules as there is 6 modules all up, going to be worth the effort in the end but layouts are never finished.

Happy modelling from down under, Tony.:2t::apl:

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