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 Posted: Sun May 17th, 2015 10:30 pm
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Hi Herb, many thanks, that took a lot of thought and no way I was going to be on my knees getting sore knees, legs and back, will be doing the wiring the same way too.

The bus wiring will be plug and play same with the point motors and signals, oh yean I wont be using peco points motors and switches, will explain that in a later post, you will be shocked what I plan to use, may be a new post.

If you notice on the last pic the curve ply decking close to the end of the pavers there is a piece of ply sticking out, on the neck post will show how I did it, works perfectly and one screw holding the other end in place.

How the weather over your end of the world warming up, it is raining over here, not so cold, warm nights of 14 degrees,, be like this all week. Great time to get the track gang out and lay some track, aiming for June to run the test train.

Happy modelling from down under, Tony.

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