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 Posted: Sat May 23rd, 2015 10:52 am
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Tim H


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Hi there,

After four months of just watching Freerails, I began to realise that social interaction is the glue that binds the community. In short, I got it wrong.

So, here's a few shots of what has been going on since February, in no particular order.

This is brewery and warehouse, both scratchbuilt but I did use some precast resin sections.

An experiment in trackside flowers

The yard is about 80% complete, I just need to add trees and a backscene.

In March, I visited the 0 gauge meet in Buseck and bought two brass locos, yesterday their sound systems were completed.


This was me in '59, the station is the one being modelled but the name has changed.

Finally, the farm

Staying off the computer has allowed me to progress the layout.

Tim H
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