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 Posted: Thu May 28th, 2015 12:38 pm
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The locos were built for different purposes but finally migrated to branchline use.

The larger 2-4-0 was a fast(ish)loco built for suburban passenger trains, the odd space between the cylinders and wheels was to concentrate weight on the driving wheels.

The smaller 'box' loco was an attempt to save on manpower by removing the need of a fireman. All coal was delivered to the firebox from the coal hopper controlled by a foor lever. In practice, the fireman was retained as he also had to look after the couplings, top up the coal etc. during service. Similar devices became the motive power unit for railmotors - semi-loco+coach, some were successful but the majority lacked the flexibility of a separate loco + rolling stock.

Both locos survived until the early 60s, 70 083 was mounted on a plinth in Muhldorf in the late 80s. In the 90s the loco was 'liberated' and last June we travelled behind 70 083 to Holzkirchen.

If anyone is interested in more info, just ask.

Tim H
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