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 Posted: Sun Aug 16th, 2015 10:21 am
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Tim H


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The market for European* trains is somewhat odd, the British use only 1/43 and naturally favour their domestic railways whilst the other nations of Europe use 1/45 (to a lesser extent 1/43) for their domestic railways.

There are at least three German forums for modellers of 1/45 outline. but for those who do not feel comfortable outside of their language zone, there was nothing, until now......

There is a new open access forum specifically for those who model European outline, the 1to45 Forum

It is not affiliated to any society, no membership fees, no advertising and it is a really simple format.

So, if you like European outline*, step aboard because a warm welcome awaits you.

Tim and btw, thanks to Herb for his encouragement.:2t:

*Now the embarrassing bit, the British don't really see themselves as Europeans, so European outline is anything except British Railways.



Tim H
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