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 Posted: Tue Aug 18th, 2015 10:44 pm
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Bob D


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The middle rail is GONE!!!

I had to rebuild 2 switches (I modified 2 054 switches into 072 switches, simply by using some of the 072 middle rail I removed and relocating the frogs).

I've filled in all the grooves left by the middle rail, but haven't done any ballasting yet (need to go to the LHS and get more ballast).

All 7 of my steamers are now BPRC, 5 with LiPo and 2 with NiMh batteries. I've started keeping a log of sorts of when I recharge the batteries, I may keep track of hours of operation but that might be an illusive quest.

I lubed all 7 the other day, I need to install backup lights in 3 of them as soon as I get the brass housings.

No photos as such yet (I really need to get on the ballast brigade and need to stop running trains so I can get to work!).

Bob D.

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