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 Posted: Wed Aug 19th, 2015 02:50 am
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Keeping a log, if you can keep track of it, is a good idea Bob.  All batteries have a lifespan of some kind and a specific number of cycles before they break down.  Keeping a log might be able to tell you what brands work best with your locomotives.

However, I wouldn't get too worried about being technical.  When a battery starts to go dead, it'll be sluggish, warmer than normal, and discharges quicker (or doesn't last as long) and you must replace it, a small price to pay for not having wires under the layout.  At the price copper is these days, you can run batteries for decades before they become more expensive than using standard wire.

As long as you're having fun and are satisfied with the results of your efforts, that's all that counts.  I'll second what Robert says, although we'd still like to see pictures, in your own time of course.

Have fun running trains!


James W.

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