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 Posted: Tue Sep 1st, 2015 01:13 am
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Unless I win a local competition for one of the 60 class kits I too will be restricted to dribbling.
By rights if I want one I should get in and make it, but it would be at the end of long list of projects and as far as I know none of my forebears have lived to 150. :>)

The 60 class is a actually a light line goods engine, it was intended to haul grain and other bulk commodities from the lightly laid inland lines to Sydney with initial thoughts of supplementing the 4-8-2 type locos on the heavy grades just out of Sydney until electrification. They discovered however that they would kill crews if they stalled in single line tunnels. The fit in the tunnel would not allow the crew to escape the loco. So instead of sorting out a couple of tunnels the Garratts were restricted to working where no single line tunnels were passed. Of course they had to also build longer turntables. This for an engine that could be run in reverse with the penalty of a small loss of efficiency due to the limitations of Walschaerts valve gear. NSWGR never seemed to get it through their heads like some other railways that turning wyes could have been put in from day one so the engine length was never an issue.

No, you haven't mentioned any steam rollers in this post Herb!


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