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 Posted: Thu Oct 8th, 2015 01:05 am
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Bob D


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We had plenty of rain, but nothing like what South Carolina got. I was talking to a sales rep this afternoon who lives down there and he said he knows a farmer that had millions of pounds of sweet potatoes ready for market and now they're all laying in the fields rotting...there goes our sweet potato fries!!!

We didn't get as much rain here in Portsmouth as they did in Virginia Beach, of course they're right on the water (guess that's why they don't call us Portsmouth Beach!).

The past 2 days have been beautiful, mid 70s and clear skies. Not sure what they're getting "up nawth". Here in Virginia we're protected by the North Carolina coast line that protrudes out a bit right at the state line. Nags Head catches hell and buffers us from a lot of what goes on.


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