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 Posted: Sun Oct 18th, 2015 09:21 am
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I just come from the exhibition in Sedan.

It was my first exhibition with these layout and with 3 new locos.

I just forget to do video. I will do that on the next exhibition and I will post it.

The layout proves that it was reliable. I have just a little gap to improve between the layout and the transfer table.

For the locos, the beginnings was not top because of the running-in period but after it was ok. I have just to repair one because I have a swing with the wheel.

For ny next exhibtion in Paris, I will run my lister and an hudson.

I have update also my list of exhibition for 2015 2016 and 2017. So I will be pleased to see you at it.

27-29 novembre 2015 Rail Expo (Paris)

Nederlandse Modelspoordagen (Netherlands) 9/10 January 2016

MONTELIRAIL 2016 15/ 16 octobre 2016

25/26 November 2017 Warley MRC (Birmingham)

franck combe
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