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 Posted: Wed Jan 13th, 2016 10:46 pm
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Hey guys!

I have been chewing on the idea of building an HO scale 4x8 logging/coal mining layout for a good 6 months. I don't do anything without doing countless hours of research. That research has lead me to the Iain Rice's " Lilliput Logger Layout ". It has everything I was wanting in a layout, a logging area, a coal mine, steep grades, a small town, big bridges, saw mill, a continuous loop, lots of switching and it even has a port/dock! I was thinking the era would be post WWII 40's in the Pacific North West.

Here are my thoughts, open to any input!

Id like for this to be portable and maybe even take it to shows one day. So I was thinking four 2x4 legs with a 1x2 frame.

I was going to build up layers of Polystyrene Foam Board Insulation to make the entire layout about 8" thick, maybe 10" to get the height I want out of the trestle on the top right corner.

Track bed:
Cork on top of sound absorbing material, unless I get lazy and ill just use cork.

Id like to use Code 55 track, but it seems like the selection of pre-fab code 55 HO track is very limited... and expensive. I don't want to hand lay. To keep costs down and have access to a variety of track, ill use code 83 with peco #4 turnouts with live frogs. All the turnouts will be manual throws. To get the 4% grade I want, I'd use Woodland sceneics pre fabbed foam grades.

Joey Ricards beautiful backdrops

DCC with power leads here and there. Going to keep this relatively simple.

Largest would be a 3 truck shay/climax. Also some critters/railtrucks ( the reason for the live frogs) 2 truck shays... etc. This is important because the ends of the passing sidings would need to fit a 3 truck shay, I'm a little worried about this.

rolling stock:
Skeleton log cars, 30'(?) flats/box/gondola, bobber caboose etc

Please leave any feedback and thoughts!

Here is the track plan:

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