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 Posted: Thu Jan 14th, 2016 07:59 pm
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W C Greene

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Howdy Sean, That's a nice...and ambitious layout plan. If this is your first layout, just to get your "feet wet", I might suggest possibly using the "less is more" philosophy. It is great to want everything you can get on that 4 by 8 but you might find that it can become more involved than you at first realized. Just to see how things go, how about starting with a diorama or two which could be incorporated into a larger layout. This way, you could have the fun of building something without the commitment (chained?) of having too much to do on a first time layout.
Have you considered a sectional, or modular layout? Each section could have tracks to operate upon and scenery to build...and before you know it, you have a layout. Also, sectional layouts are easy to transport to shows and there might be a modular club in your area that would show operating layouts which you could be a part of. I have some friends here who don't have layouts as such but get together to "hook up" (lame term..) and operate at the shows. They build modules that interface and get the joy of running trains and building modules but don't have room for a home layout.
Just some ideas from an old goat who has built many, many layouts and knows how things go.
Don't let me sound discouraging, your idea is fine. Just take it easy and that way you can avoid "burn out" or getting stuck in a corner while the painted floor dries.


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