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 Posted: Thu Jan 14th, 2016 10:26 pm
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Hi Sean,
Some questions that might trigger some answers that might save you some money on fabrication.

What tools do you have available in your toolkit now?
Do you have the ability to cut square from longer stock lengths or will stuff have to be pre-cut for you? If you can't transport and store the longer lengths then pre-cut is a more expensive option that will get you moving quicker.

Are you more comfortable working with timber than metal? If you are prepared to look at metal, then aluminium framing for your modules may be an option. Like this

If you are planning this layout for possible future exhibition use then weight becomes a significant design issue. Aluminium framing has a significant edge over timber construction for the frame and legs. Have you given any thought to using free-standing tables as a foundation? Like this?

Three 4'x 2' tables with fold-up legs and blow-moulded tops would:
- adequately support your planned layout
- are quick to set up and tear-down at exhibitions
- can be raised to a higher height cheaply if necessary
- give you the ability to move the layout out from the wall easily during the construction phase (Think slide the modules on a smooth surface on the tables rather than lift and drag.) :bg:

For ease of handling, look at building this as Four 4' by 2' modules rather than two 4' by 4' modules as drawn. The 4' by 2' modules will fit through a standard doorway without the module having to be tipped onto its side to go through a door. You stand far less chance of wiping out something (scenery/track/structures) in transit if your module stays horizontal during transit.

That ought to do for Round 1,

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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