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 Posted: Fri Jan 15th, 2016 04:42 am
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Sean, really consider Woody's advice. I know it sounds like everyone is undermining your plans but they are suggesting things so that you don't get frustrated with the hobby. I jumped into layout building in a similar way that you are and had the very problems that Woody mentions. Ultimately though I can't tell you to go or not to go for this plan. You will make that decision.

Just some food for thought. Ian was good at making plans look full and larger than reality. In a 4 by 8 this plan almost seems too good. I suggest you look up the Lilliput logger and find photos of others who have tried to build this layout. What I have seen is that everything doesn't quite work out. It gets too compressed or skewed. Ian's perspective drawings work for conveying the idea of the layout but when put to practice the layout looses that full and larger than reality look. Also this plan does not account for store bought turnouts or structures. You will have to make them to make the plan work. If you stick with this plan I suggest keeping your track unattached to the layout so that you can move it around to find what works and what will possibly need to be eliminated.

Again though, don't take this as a discouragement away from the hobby as a whole. Just information to help you tackle the hobby better so that you can get enjoyment out of it more.

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