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 Posted: Fri Jan 15th, 2016 06:13 pm
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I had my doubts about at least one place in the trackplan. So I made a quick drawing to check. See the gray line at the right side (from A to A).
With a normal curve it is right on the trestle. So you have to change the starting point of the trestle or make a change in the trackplan.

Personally I like the lower part the best. The logging part is to much on a smal area. The logging camp is to small ans why make a railline to the log loading area? Just place a donkey on the bottom of the hill to pull the logs down.
But that is my opinion.

What if you forget about the logging stuff and make the upper part a staging area? End the line by the mine. That saves you already 5 switches ( the mine only need 1 track), or use the switches for the staging area. No problems with the trestle. Less scenery to do. Turn the sawmill in a kind of factory.

Just an idea.


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