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 Posted: Sun Jan 17th, 2016 08:45 pm
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Hi Sean,
If you consider the Rimfire and Latigo plan as it stands,
- If you build the modules as four 4' by 2' modules that run vertically on the plan, no major structures like the turntable or turnouts are on the module joints.
- If you go to HO Scale, you can get in more structures (and trees for a Pacific Northwest feel) because HO floorplans only take up 1/4 the area of O scale structures.
- If the mine stays where it is then it is reasonably easy to change from a metalliferous mine to a coal mine
- As a sweeping generalisation :bg: , philosophically, you may have to go to an operating plan where you run shorter trains far more often. This can be quite a mind-shift for some North American modellers who seem to be fixated on multiple locomotives up front and long trains. This seems to be less of a problem for UK/European prototype modellers where shorter length passing sidings on the prototype have limited the length of trains.
- Caution when modelling trees - a 300' high redwood in any scale is a very BIG tree. You may have to use some modeller's license to justify smaller trees (like poor soil, rain-shadow area, already been logged etc). If you want to go for the "tall timber" then perhaps a "Red Stag Lumber" approach hight work, where only the trunks and lower foliage are modelled and the upper foliage is lost in the pelmet over the layout.

Over to you,

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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