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 Posted: Sun Mar 6th, 2016 09:18 am
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Got some pretty neat projects there.
For some reason 'task board' is unfamiliar to me, so, not knowing what it is, or having known and forgotten, I went and looked it up,
"Taskboard is an ultralight wood fiber board. Being light weight, it is extremely easy to cut.

Taskboard is rigid, stays flat, and won't curl when dry. Yet when sprayed with water on both sides, it becomes pliable and can be formed into 3D shapes.

Architects prefer Taskboard when laser cutting since edge-burn is very light and can be sanded off. Laser surface etching also produces superior results.

Taskboard is available in Basswood-toneā„¢ and white. Basswood-tone has a more distinct wood texture. White is better for forming 3D shapes and smaller radii."

See y'all later, Forrest.
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