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 Posted: Sun Mar 6th, 2016 02:18 pm
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Michael G

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Hi all!
I started a new project yesterday.
A Jordan 15 t Mack!
I looked at the previous builds of it on various foras, and it seemed to be difficult to get a good drive for it.
Unless you bit the bullet and ordered the Hollywood foundry drive.....
I saw that the wheelbase was 24.5 mm, and that jogged my memory. I remembered that I had a Tenshodo motor boogie with that wheelbase!
But! It wasn't going to fit, as it was too wide to fit in the narrow hoods....
Then I measured the motor, and saw that it would fit if I rotated it 90°.
I will show detail pics of the conversion.
The body was built with the only alterations that I changed the brake beams to fit the slightly larger wheels of the Tenshodo drive, and that I opened up the coupler pockets to fit a modified Sergent coupler.
I painted the body yellow, just because I like it....

Deo Adjuvantis labor proficit
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