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 Posted: Thu Apr 14th, 2016 05:55 am
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Hi all back into the layout construction, had a long hot summer, days are quite nice, perfect for working out under the pergola.

Have made a start on the spiral which is going out into back garden 9feet, have levelled the front corner module. It will be so easy once the spiral is built to set up, the curves will be coded and the curved decking be made the same way as the earlier curved track decking, join up every time with just two screws.

There will be a S bend curve involved as well on the lower deck of the spiral, using the decking from the old Tehachapi loop spiral.

aiming to run the first test train on the spiral end of June or hopefully the whole layout, can't wait.

First pic is of the spiral corner module and the piece of wood is the jig for the level so I can cut the legs as I work my way down.
The grade is quarter inch a foot on the spiral length of 24ft and height clearance 6 inches, I think works out to 2 percent grade, has a 7ft radius s well.

Will be starting work on the actual spiral this weekend hope to have it finished, also will have a S bend on the lower level, curve sections from the old Tehachapi loop.

Aiming to run the first test train end of June be good if the whole layout is finished, who knows.

Next posting will have the long waiting new track plan with a second section of the track and points coming into the station terminus platforms, 9 all up, and one through station.

Have started work on my station building modelled on the famous Sydney Central station building even will have working clocks, to be built in three sections, front and two sides.

Tony from down under on a high :glad::P:wave::2t:

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