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 Posted: Sat Apr 16th, 2016 03:17 am
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Hi Herb, you will be glad to see the end of winter and my end of the world heading into winter morning have that nip in the air too cool to have the morning cupper, 10 degrees .

Thanks, here are couple more pics of extending the layout in the car port area around the car instead of under it, about 20 extra 20ft.

At last the long waiting track plan of my layout with a enlarged track plan as well.
The layout is based on the GSR line from Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, I am modelling Sydney Central station as well.

Stage two will have the Elizabeth river road rail bridge between Alice Springs and Darwin will have two reverse loops to turn the Ghan around the right way heading onto the bridge north to Darwin

Be an awesome site indeed crossing the bridge which is modelled to scale 19ft 500m long for the real bridge, hope o have some sort of camera to mount on a flat wagon to film the event, next post will dig out the pic of the bridge.

On a big high, today I plan to build the spiral, will take a couple of days, not working the whole day pics to follow.

Tony from down under


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