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 Posted: Mon Apr 18th, 2016 01:47 pm
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Spiral is well under way was a busy weekend working tow days, nearly half way there.
Here is a group of 5 pics first three of the spiral and last three of how I first curve track deck base screws to the corner module, took some thought, works well.

Pic two I deliberately darked the pic to see to bubble of level in the centre, I also made a level jig which drops the grade down 3/4 inch every 42 inches. Spiral length is 24 feet in length on a 7ft radius curve, dropping down 6 inches about 2 percent grade.

Third pic you can see the black bracket, half of it is in under the corner module.

I tried screws they were hard to get out, the bolts work well but not long enough do have longer ones experimenting

On a big high I am thinking of adding curved arches to strengthen between the posts to stop sagging, may not happen, more work next weekend.

What does everyone think.

Tony from down under :glad::cb::thumb::wave::2t:;)

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