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 Posted: Wed Apr 20th, 2016 06:46 pm
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Maybe not eveeryone's first choice of an exciting item but these rather nifty manholes are simply superb. The come from Michael Schnellenkamp's O gauge store in Germany (try Googling)  and there are three in each pack, the brink surround is a separate item whilst you have a choice of three centres.

I used a Silverline cutter to make the necessary hole in the card roadway, later I will fill the gaps but it looks very convincing and far better than the thin etched manholes.

Whilst we are on the subject of details, be aware that not everyone has the same sense of O Scale, in Europe we use either 1:43 or 1:45 but I bought some details from SD Models which seemed to be a mixture of 1:32 and 1:76 with a bit of 1:43 thrown in for good measure. Neither were they cheap or particularly good - you pays your money etc.

And now for something a bit different:

This is my pride n'joy, a brass model of a goods loco used in Southern Germany, its full title is a BR98.8, I am showing off because it is the reward of a long search and the epitome of branchline motive power. Currently it is under going a rebuild for DCC sound and some detail changes but it will be returning home within a few weeks once it is tested and running.

Pottendorf, is still coming along nicely. At this time of the year, I cease fiddling with trains and re-start work on the scenery. This might sound odd but it is infinitely better to look outside and see the actual green stuff that you are trying to replicate and winter is a long time to spend making wagons and locos.

Finally, a plea, I use almost exclusively rather old wagons from a long defunct firm - Pola Maxi- they were sold in the US under the AHM label. They rather plain but I need them, please keep an eye open. I search Ebay but often folk on forums come up trumps.

Toodle Pip  

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