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 Posted: Mon Apr 25th, 2016 03:04 am
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I had another great day working on the spiral yesterday interrupted by a couple rain down poor's, thanks to the module design I was able to pack the curved track sections quickly and set them back up again.

Pic three I just set the curve with the track on it to see how it would fit, it will be the same size as the last curve section.

Haven't put the the level on it yet that will be next weekend, spiral is nearly build, then the painting, track laying and wiring.

I have up with a way that at the track base joins the track will line up every time and allows me to nail the track down on saw stools with extra height so I don't have to bend down, same with the wiring.

Need some advice on wanting to delete the layout pics in the older post, they are still popping up on the inter net on other pages.

On a high Tony from down under


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