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 Posted: Wed Aug 3rd, 2016 02:39 am
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Yard limit station is a point (listed on an Employee Time Table) where Yard Limits begin or end. Some "yard limits" were quite long, sometimes encompassing whole branches. This is where a train moves at "yard Limit" speed, 3 - 5 mph (depending upon the RR), so that a train can stop quickly. Yard Limits are where a train or multiple trains can expect work ahead of them by other crews.

A Registering Station is where crews stop and "sign in." They sign the "register." As an example, in Nevada, the Southern Pacific and Western Pacific used their respective mainlines as "paired trackage" or a dual main. I had a register from the 1940s from Alazon the western point of this operation. Each train was required to "register" loco number and crew before continuing east and "register" loco number and crew before continuing west.

Hope that helps!

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