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 Posted: Thu Aug 4th, 2016 03:00 am
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Not just "clarified" but now 100% crystal clear !! - thank you Steven & Herb.

I am (slowly !) building a D&RGW NG single line model, based on "somewhere" along the San Juan Extension ('tween Chama & Silverton, probably, perhaps). This is loosely based on an actual location that I know from the Employee TT was in reality a 'yard limit' and a 'signing' station - but I was not able to find a definition of these terms.

Your reply is really helpful & also good news because the only way to switch "my" yard will be by using the main.

UK crews were not paid by mileage but by the "Turn", a turn being defined as taking a train from A to B and which was expected to (normally) take usual shift hours. Overtime was available but in the case of a very lengthy delay a crew would be "relieved" or replaced if too far over 'normal shift hours'. Turns were also pay rated according to their status; a 'Top Link' (1st class) driver (engineer) would be paid a better hourly rate than a driver on a local stopping freight for example.

Thanks to your explanation I can now see that signing the register is akin to our "Train out of block" telegraph signal.

Thanks again & Regards,           Michael 

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