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 Posted: Tue Aug 9th, 2016 02:47 am
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My thanks to Herb for putting these photos onto the FR gallery from Madame's I-Pad. The Gallery & my computer have fallen out with each other big time.

All completely scratch built except for wheels, axles, axle boxes & brake shoes - the brakes even work on some of them, just press the brake-lever down. All wagons have full independent suspension on each axle, exactly as the prototype - none of this "compensation" malarkey. Because I like to mount the brakeshoes as close as possible to the tyres (as per the real thing) the brake linkage has to move to allow the suspension to work.

The side of the dark grey NER wagon is from a kit because I don't have a good eneough photo for all the ironwork, with additional details by myself. The small white circle & horizontal bar symbol on the top plank signifies a wagon with modified/strengthened ends for use as the leading wagon on cable hauled inclines.

These are all Private Owner wagons, mostly from about the 1890's, liveried to advertise their owner's businesses (similar to the U.S. billboard reefers). Wherever possible I like to model an exact specific wagon, together with any faults etc, from old photos but I usually change the owner's names as these can be be very limited to certain areas that I am not modelling.

As Herb says, mostly old tin cans, & bits of wood & card.

Alwin: defect noted, job card to be issued (sometime when).

Bob: all lettering is freehand using a pen. I usually rough out the letter spacing first on a scrap of card.

Regards,                        Salada

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