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 Posted: Thu Aug 18th, 2016 05:19 am
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If I could find a way to alter the name of this thread to 'indoors and outdoors' I would Herb :>) The kettle and the fridge is but a few steps away!

Fortunately my outdoor layout works without attention most times I want to run trains Woodie. If I had the issues you did mine would not have lasted very long.
The indoor layout is a compromise, as much of the stock I hope to build will not run around such tight curves or would look rather silly if it did. The very small locos and short stock such as the 4 wheelers and 40' or under bogie wagons will suffice indoors.
Being able to run trains when the weather is inclement or at night will be welcome. I admit to having doubts about having an 0 gauge continuous run layout in a small room but the more I do the more confident I will be happy with the result. It will complement the outdoor layout.

The theme will probably be a double track section of a private mining line with running rights for the NSWGR. Such a situation existed on the South Maitland Railway. They ran passenger trains from Cessnock to Sydney at one time and government locos and stock mixed it with the SMR coal trains.

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