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 Posted: Sun Aug 28th, 2016 02:15 am
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Have finely decided to start my own thread, since the one I was on was someone's else's and since I have started working on the station module complex involving two stages.

My layout is based on the GSR route covering Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, another stage I will be modelling Adelaide to Darwin , GSR also go from Adelaide to Melbourne.
GSR stands for Great Southern Railway and own the famous Indian Pacific and the Ghan plus the Overland, not sure will have to find out if the Southern Spirt is still running it is a luxury train runs between Adelaide Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane. they had two NR class locos with a special Southern Spirit logo paint scheme, I own one of them.

I will also running freight trains have two separate passing loops through the station platforms.

The layout is 24ft by 54ft full run is 50metres 168 feet hope to have enough track to complete the first circuit I will aim for first, third stage will make the layout will grow to 44feet wide by 56fet long.
That stage will have the Northfork bridge on the Feather river California, is a concrete arch bridge, another passing loop and single track with a reverse loop,

Pics to follow of the mock-up point track plan, new track plan and pics of Sydney Central I am modelling, a pity the layout isn't going around the whole house as I could have another station at the front of the house.

Modelling Sydney central so I can lift the station off to make way for another station scene, the first module has being modified to do so. Stations being Broken Hill NSW Adelaide SA Cook in WA and Perth, I am working on Perth interstate terminal one platform and has a suburban island platform as well.

Busy time adding new pics to my Gallery so I post the pics on the thread.

That's the story of my dream layout, plan to have a vertical staging yard in the garden shed too, the only way to have a long layout with out those module legs which was an issue on my last modular layout.

Tony from down under

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