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 Posted: Sat Sep 3rd, 2016 07:40 am
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Tony M

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Bob wrote
Hi Tony, I model in 7mm /O gauge these days.
Check out my threads in the O gauge folder.
I have had HO outdoors. A friend had his HO layouts outside for more than 10 years around Wynnum/Manly until he went into care.
Sounds like a lot of work, having to set it up and take it down, but if it works for you then that is all that matters.

Hi Bob thanks will check your thread out, I have an old Hornby clock work tank steamy in ) scale, she is going to get a new least of life. Going to add on a coach that will be battery powered soothing like the Coffee Pot in SA, I found a pic that gave me the idea.

WOW HO scale in the garden at Wynnum Mainly Brisbane, do you have any pics of your friend and your outdoor same scale layout

Bob over in England 00 scale garden railway is very popular, I have seen pics on another forum of blokes running trains in the snow with no problems.

I have just come back home form a train club committee meeting the other side of Brisbane Zillmere, takes an hour to get there from Ipswich, didn't run any trains as next Saturday I am duty office be there all day.

Tony from south east QLD

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