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 Posted: Tue Sep 6th, 2016 10:27 am
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Si. wrote:
This is the 1937 Cord 812 Sedan !

I could see one of these parked up at Stoney Creek somewhere.
While I always appreciate model suggestions, I couldn't possibly see one of these up Stoney Creek at any point in history.
The area has always been horribly depressed, economically. It's said that the Depression hit NE Tennessee long before there was a "five dollar word" for it. During WW2, nobody can recall anyone up there having a tractor, and that had nothing to do with gas rationing. Heck, the valley didn't even have electricity until the rural electrification act got it up there in the late 40s.
Anyone who could have afforded a Cord wouldn't have gotten gas for the thing in 1943.
No, you would have seen larger business vehicles with better ration cards and a very few small sedans and trucks for essential workers, doctors, and clergy up that way. And all those cars and trucks would have been older ones which were very well worn.

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