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 Posted: Sat Sep 24th, 2016 04:41 am
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I think 90-125 feet was a regular length of run for clockwork locos Tony. A foot or more of rain is a lot of rain Bob. Sounds like you will soon have another addition to your roster. I put up a six foot fence to keep the kids out of my yard. Many years ago they brought an old paling fence down over my gauge one line by them all leaning on it. I can recommend elevated. Interesting you would chose G outdoors when you have suitable stock already! The garage is cut into the hill and has water flowing through it when the ground gets wet enough (like now). I have had many layouts in it but when it is wet and cold it is not the best place to play trains. I would ideally liked to have the indoor and outdoor layouts connected but not practical. I have enough small locos and stock to go around very tight curves so the trade off for comfort inside is a limitation on what can be run there. That is one advantage of having 4 wheel stock still running in the era I model. They look OK to me running around 3' radius curves. regards BobC

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