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 Posted: Sat Sep 24th, 2016 05:20 pm
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Bob D


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What you and others do with scratch-building is amazing, keep it up :moose::moose::moose:

$200 is a great deal for a brass steamer, that's the ONLY reason I jumped on this engine.  But it's got to be the last one for me, too many to run now as it is.  I'm starting to worry about batteries sitting idly in some of them that don't get run as often as others.

From what I see at train shows and on Ebay, there's plenty of trains around.  If all the manufacturer's closed their doors today there would still be more than enough product available to suit our needs.  The guy I got this 4-6-2 from had at least 4 more for sale.  I recently bought 5 untouched kits from an estate sale, there must have been hundreds of kits on the 2 lists (freight and passenger).  This was from 1 individual!!!

Even though I haven't built one entirely from scratch, most of my Seaboard Air Line rolling stock has been kit-bashed or modified to get what I wanted.

As long as these creaky old fingers can still hold an Exacto knife I guess I'll keep building :old dude:


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