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 Posted: Thu Sep 29th, 2016 08:03 am
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Tony M

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Hi Bob, yes I did yesterday spent to after 6pm last night putting hinges on the module legs, need to get longer screws to hold the legs in place. When I set the station modules back up I will have replace the screws with bolts as I used 42mm square legs in stead of 3inch wide by 3/4 pine legs on the last module.

Pretty bad in SA they should have most of the power back by this afternoon, this federal government is blaming this weather event as a political scape goat attaching renewable energy, nothing to do with those large high tension towers being blown over, like match sticks.

KitbashOn30 our weather radar is called Boom just type that in and on the map of Australian click on the small squares in each state.

Keeping a close eye on Canberra's weather, was told by our sitting Federal MP to take a warm jacket snow predicted this weekend around Canberra may get to see some snow as well never seen snow, big bonus.

In SE/QLD we are copping the same weather event, raining now as I am typing , not heavy but bad storms predicted for this afternoon.

Tony from SE/QLD

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