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 Posted: Fri Sep 30th, 2016 04:35 am
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Basically you need the frog switched for all points unless you are prepared to have a dead section at the frog Tony. I liven up the frog by cutting and hard wiring in the necessary places. If you only intend to run diesels or long steamers with pickups on all wheels the frog should not need to be live. However the closure rails and point rails need to be wired permanently to the adjacent stock rails if you have DCC and its not a bad idea for reliability for DC. This will prevent the DCC booster from tripping when a wheel touches the open stock/closure rail on occasions causing a momentary s/c. Not a big issue with dinosaur control, you just get a big spark. :>;) The frogs on his layout will be be switched by small DPDT switches that also set the point blades e.g. Jaycar SS0852. The link is made from paper clips. My O gauge uses that system for the handmade track and microswitches operated by the throwbar on the Peco points. The MERG system choice was suggested by me as a father/son project as his eldest is not really into trains but is into electronics and computer programming. The MERG kit system is aimed at electronics enthusiasts who like fine soldering. If that doesn't work out he will probably buy Digitrax because I have it. That, NCE or Lenz are all good choices. When it comes to wireless controls it depends on what system you are running. Some DCC systems have radio throttle options and some have also got ways to connect a smartphone with a throttle app. Very little is available for DC, I have used a few and the only commercial one I was satisfied with was made once in Victoria by Radio Train Electronics (have a look at the back pages of some previous AMRA journals for the ad). It is horses for courses with control systems. I ran for years with my Digitrax with just a couple of chipped locos. The ability to run one unchipped loco(or consist) at a time meant I could run all my locos without bankrupting myself and still enjoy the ease of multiple user control that DCC offered. These days I have all my locos chipped. cheers BobC

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