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 Posted: Sun Oct 2nd, 2016 02:26 am
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Tony M

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Hi Bob I will be sticking to the insulfrog points no wiring but still need those plastic joiner's the passing loops.

I came across one link what you are talking about but what one to get, will chat to the garden railway blokes next time I go to AMRA, some of them use aircraft radio controllers.

What a perfect day, mowing the foot path and back yard going to test out the mulch side of the mower, got rid of most of the weeds in the grass.

Tomorrow is the big day starting my adventure to Canberra, I am hopping the WW1 railgun is at the war museum or they might be able to give me some info can see a new scratch building coming, was on display at Sydney Central station in the 1920's.

Be looking forward to the train from Canberra o Sydney as well be taking video of course.

Tony from SE/QLD

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