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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2016 11:23 pm
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Rick S

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Hi, everyone!

I'm Rick - I reside just south of Fort Worth, TX. I am a native Mississippian, and I have been bitten by the narrow-gauge bug.

1962 - Mississippi Gulf Coast - My early years were spent in my father's home town of Ocean Springs, where memories of the striking L&N Depot there, being served by steam and diesel side-by-side, were my earliest rail memories. Later, we moved to Long Beach, MS, where our house was directly across the street from the tracks, and I spent long hours on our porch watching the L&N consists rumbling by.

Later, my father got a job in Columbia, MD, and we relocated to Relay, within walking distance of the famous Thomas Viaduct. I have photos of my brother and myself as children at the viaduct - I will find and try to post later. Many hours happily passed watching B&O trains traversing the long, curved viaduct over the Patapsco River.

My mother was born in Westernport, MD, and my great-grandparents lived within sight of the Western Maryland tracks. Any time spent at my great-grandparents' includes fond memories of long coal trains trundling across the bridge over the river.

Fast-forward to 2016. Inability to decide between two O-gauge sets for a Christmas tree layout (enthusiastically endorsed by my better half) resulted in the purchase of two sets - A LionChief Polar Express set and a LionChief Frosty The Snowman set. Naturally, one 40x60" oval of track just would not support two trains, so (again with the BH's support and suggestion that we use an entire corner of our living room for the layout surrounding the tree) I purchased quite a lot of FasTrack. The 10x10' layout will be realized in full following Thanksgiving (a paintbashed Thanksgiving train will operate during the family visit - pics will follow), but for now it is approximately 5x9'. Not wanting to buy any buildings for the layout, I invested way more money in tools and materials and supplies than I would have spent on the completed buildings, and I am in the process of scratchbuilding and scratchbashing several structures for the North Pole village. Again, pictures of things in progress will be forthcoming.

In the process of all this Christmas layout freneticism, I got distracted by the prospect of a narrow-gauge layout. I have (nearly) decided to freelance an early 20th century south Mississippi logging operation. More to come on that tangent in the appropriate thread. :)

So that's my train/modeling background in a (large)nutshell. Personally, I'm 54, father of two/step- of three, grandfather of eight. I work from home in the health information management field. I am a singer-songwriter/guitarist/bassist with one CD under my belt. I live on the Brazos River with my gorgeous and tolerant significant other, Dawn, where we share a large crafting/modeling studio (Dawn is a fabulous painter and enjoys all sorts of crafts). We love sitting on our porch overlooking the river, and, when we have time, fishing.

Looking forward to sharing with and learning from you all!


Model railroaders are alchemists: We turn gold into rusty iron.
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