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 Posted: Thu Nov 3rd, 2016 01:11 am
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generally, speaking, most people into one hobby are often into another. For example, plenty of train fans I know are into old airplanes, the space program, sci-fi and other things.
My wife says I was WAY too many interests. She quite right, of course.
Si. wrote:
I like the MiG-29 drawing.
Recently bought some components from a MiG-29 avionics-system !
Were Willys ever painted any other colours, apart from the obvious green & desert colours ?

That MIG-29 was going to be a print to be sold, signed by the pilot of the plane he stole and defected to Turkey with. Sadly, he died in a light plane crash near where I now live before we could get it printed up. The original was done in ink on a large board.

As for WW2 Jeeps (which were also made by Ford during WW2), they were usually in OD green, some (but not many) were desert painted. The Navy painted ones issued to ships grey to match the hulls of the ships they were craned off-on. The Marine Corps painted theirs in a semi-gloss OD green that is a darker shade than the Army color.
British forces painted them in various shades of camo and generally used a darker green as well.

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