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 Posted: Thu Nov 3rd, 2016 03:49 am
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Si. wrote:
Ah ... That's interesting.
No stars & white bumpers.
A scheme I have not seen.

Perhaps I need to shift my 'supposed' date to just post WWII.
Kinda doesn't explain a T-boiler Shay & ol' Porter though.
An 'underused' VGC pair, still running obviously !

I guess there were Model-Ts still running in the '40s.
As you said, not many 'up to date' vehicles in Stoney Creek.

Well, they had stars, but not the circle around the outside that you saw in the ETO. Stateside vehicles had a simple white star and that was that.
If you’re not committed to your layout’s era as I am, I’d say that the era of immediately after VE day would give you some great excuses to use vehicles of all types. In the UK, even some captured German vehicles wound up in civilian hands (though not many).

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