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 Posted: Sun Nov 20th, 2016 03:52 pm
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Tony M

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Hi Bob, yeah that's the only problem with you tube there are a heaps more other peoples links as well some good some not, can't do much about that the only way you can load on video links is you tube to this and any other forums.

Yes I used my iPhone 6s, full HD cant get any better that that, I reckon the smart phone will take over the digital SLR cameras, iPhone 7 has even abetter camera.

I had trouble trying to film and controlling my train with a hand controller, should of used the clubs remote controller and the train run around the whole layout nonstop make sure the points are set. I have the same remote control will do the same thing be a bit harder a foot from the ground.

Oh year I had an issue with my first password it wouldn't log on got a second password and the same till my wife logged the pass word and it worked soon after that it worked on the laptop pain in the bum, this password back to old one

Posted some up to date pics of my modules for the layout getting there, not well at the moment don't think I will get chance to do any work tomorrow.

Tony from SE/QLD keeping on moving aheard

I will try to change

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