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 Posted: Mon Nov 21st, 2016 02:17 am
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I think you are correct in assuming that the DSLR will no longer be the choice for home/travel photography. I ditched mine in 1980 for a good quality point and shoot. Only kept an SLR (later DSLR) for model photography.

The phone camera replaces the little point and shoot for many people and the home video camera too. Most phone shots won't print as even a 6x4 glossy however. You don't need as many dots to fill a pc screen up as you do a small photo.
About 2M pixels minimum for a 6x4.The latest iphone7 does have enough pixels to print a bit bigger.

Not such an issue theses days as photo sharing has changed to more social media and uploading to friends/family phones than showing slides or prints in your photo album.

Good luck with your password.

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